Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Therapy of the Wilderness

The last time I was running from something, I packed my camping gear in the middle of the night and left for Yosemite, arriving at around 7:30 AM. Now, I want to run from myself, and the mountains offer the only promise of relief, but I am bound here by obligations and a lack of money.

I hope that someone will read this post and realize the healing beauty of the wilderness. Perhaps it cannot save me, but I hope it will save others. Our souls were meant to be immersed in nature. I find when I am alone in the wilderness, twenty miles from another human, my problems, whatever they maybe, begin to work themselves out.

This is one of the main reasons I am a conservationist. Humanity needs Nature. I defy anyone to be out in the wilderness without feeling a little closer to God. How much hate, violence, envy, lust, and sloth would we avoid if people understood their place in Nature?

A few photos from the last time I ran away into the wilderness (they are all from Yosemite):

Taken in March 2007, the snow line was at about 6300 ft.

El Capitan

A view of Hech Hechy area

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  1. There is much to be mused over about the healing effects of our wild places...
    I often find myself pondering how being out there assists me greatly in sorting out what's in here...
    Just passing through and reading back into you posts.