Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Wilderness Coffee Table Book

The newest project here at Burner Photography (my one bedroom apartment) is an attempt to put together a coffee table book. I'm going to take entries from my travel journals and pair them with full page photographs. Then, I'll have my very own coffee table book when friends come over. Below is an example of what I'm thinking:

"Between El Capitan and Half Dome lies Yosemite Valley. At this height, the trees that cover the Valley floor look like a thick green carpet, but it is hard to miss on this carpet many open sores that will never heal, roads and buildings hacked through ancient forests by humanity's foolish hands. And how does the Valley react to this ravishment? She allows us to speed between her 2000 foot high grey cliffs in our giant machines. She allows us access to her very heart, to her most sacred regions. The mountains surround the Valley, crowned in gleaming white snow, like the hair of a wise man. Yet these mountains look on in silence, watching as we desecrate the Valley."

What do you think? Would this make for a good coffee table book? Be honest.


  1. Nice entry. I didn't know you were an environmentalist. Very poetic. It would make for a nice coffee table book. These pictures are beautiful. The book could use some panoramic images though, as could my widescreen desktop. Have you taken any of those?

  2. Have I? I have many, some of which are posted on my flickr account:

  3. Hey Benjamin, I think your idea of a coffee table book is great...I think you are a talented photographer but don't underestimate your ability to write..I have enjoyed the writing on here as well. I will check out your flickr account also. I am thrilled that at your young age you are already so serious about your photography and your blog is very nice.

  4. Hey Ben, the concept of coffee table book is very nice. The full page pictures would make reading it more rewarding and inspiring. The environmental and informational input, will hopefully inspire others to immerse in the wonderful gifts of nature and take care of it. Keep it up.

  5. Hi Island Rambles,
    You're always such an encouragement. I have always enjoyed writing and usually keep a journal when I'm off camping.

    Exactly! I really hope that I'm able to inspire people to enjoy and protect the natural world.

    I already have several pages designed and will be sure to post updates about this project.

  6. The caption contains a little too much self-deprecation in my opinion, which always comes off as a way of making oneself feel better, though I consider myself a conservationist as well. But anyway, I love the idea of the coffee table book. You have some outstanding shots (buy them, everyone) and could easily create a really enjoyable compilation.

    You've always been a much more serious camper than I, but nonetheless we and Josh should take another trip.