Friday, August 29, 2008

Iceberg Lake and the Ansel Adams Wilderness

Pure Water
Iceberg lake, at an elevation of 9,700 ft. is crystal clear. I have never seen a clearer lake in all my life. You could see through her, down great depths to her very heart. The self-portrait snapped above shows this beauty best.

In these places, I always find that I ask myself the questions that really matter to me: What do I look for in the mountain heights? What is this vision of spiritual renewal, introspection, and hope? It is a glimpse of humanity living in peace with creation and creator.In the hight of summer, the Ansel Adams Wilderness is full of life. In the small clearings between trees and on the banks of streams, flowers blossom.
Hiking the Trail
If you ever hike this trail (and I hope you do), you will follow a stream up past four lakes to its headwaters. When you pass Ediza Lake, the trees thin out and the trail becomes an unmaintained "social trail." The absence of trees and the great hight provides stunning views in all directions, and the meadows, laced with small streams, are enchanting--almost mystical.
  • The National Forest site provides a PDF with a description of the wilderness, including important information on regulations and permits for the area.
  • Wikipedia (of course) has a little more information on the wilderness along with a wealth of links to other protected areas in California. Check it out for some great trip ideas.


  1. Hi Ben,

    Indeed that lake has amazing clarity. And I like the sprouts of flowers in dappled lighting. Great shot!


  2. Like you, when I spend time outdoors and be awed by the beauty in front me, I can't help but pause and meditate about things in life that matters to me most. And be thankful to our Creator.

    by the way, i made 2 new blogs, California and San Diego Backroads, experimenting on getting a few cents here and there blogging, I do not know if it can even buy me a new lens :( But I will still keep the Our Beautiful World, will just be updating it for outside of California trips.

    And, I have not had a chance to do the panorama yet :(

    And as always, I love your pictures. The lake has so much clarity, I can drink from it. Thanks for sharing.


  3. I love the description of being able to see down to the lake's heart. Very poetic. Your pics make me miss my time in Yosemite.


  4. Hi Ben, Your pictures are beautiful, as always. I have been taking a break from blogging, so I haven't been by in awhile. I always enjoy seeing your pix.

  5. Mark,
    I'm glad you enjoyed it. It's nice to see you here again.

    Thanks for letting me know about your new blogs. I look forward to visiting them.

    I'm glad you liked the lake. It was amazing. I did drink from it, and the water was delicious.

    Always nice to see a new face. Thanks for your kind words. I'm always searching for ways of expressing (though words and photographs) how the wilderness makes me feel. I miss Yosemite too.

    Nice to see you again. I'm glad you're back from your break, and I look forward to more of your amazing birds.