Friday, July 3, 2009

Tucson Lightning

Photographing thunderstorms is a delightful thrill. These two pictures are from my first night hike through pouring rain and lightning. It crossed my mind that hunching over a 5 ft. metal tripod was probably not the safest way to weather a thunderstorm, but it would be a great way to go.

It is an awesome, overpowering experience to be surrounded by lightning and drenched in rain, listening to the terrific thunder bellow and roar from every corner of the sky. This storm was so fierce and powerful that I instinctively ducked as gigantic bolts of lightning lit the clouds above. The surge of raw and blinding power electrified the air, and if I die in a thunderstorm, I will die a glorious death.


  1. Hi Ben, I just went back through your posts. You have been doing some wonderful landscape photography. Really gorgeous pictures, Ben! When I am able to travel again, I really would love to visit the west. The scenery, the skies, amazing stuff you've captured here. And lightning! I have a really hard time capturing it with all the hills and woods where I live. Great stuff!

  2. Thanks Lin! Tucson is a great place for lightning. During the monsoons, we get some pretty awesome storms and there certainly aren't any trees.

  3. Hi Ben,

    You lightning shots in this post and in this previous one are just amazing... I dunno if I ever can do lightning shots myself here in the tropics... :D

    Amazing... I can't find other adjectives to top that word... :D

  4. Thanks Mark. I'm glad you liked them. It's rewarding, as a photographer, to take pictures others enjoy.