Thursday, October 8, 2009

Chiricahua National Monument

I spent the better part of yesterday at Chiricahua National Monument. Here are the results:

Above: I had all but given up on a beautiful sunrise... til I turned around!

The Heart of Rocks

This small loop contains some of the most extraordinary rock spires in the entire monument. If you travel to Chiricahua, I highly recommend hiking the Heart of Rocks Loop. The easiest way to get to the loop is to park at Massai Point and take the Mushroom Rock Trail to the Big Balanced Rock Trail. Below: I took the images for this haphazard time lapse video while eating breakfast. I judged the intervals between images by counting to ten between shots.
Above: Pinnacle Balanced Rock
Below: Big Balanced Rock was one of the more amazing rock spires at Chiricahua. Look closely; you just might miss it!The drive home passes through picturesque pastures.
Resources to Help You Plan Your Visit

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