Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Images with the Canon 5D Mark II

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Today was my last day with my rented 5D Mark II. Needless to say, it was a bitter sweet day with some great shooting in the morning, then the inevitable parting. A photography friend and I wandered around beautiful La Jolla randomly snapping pictures at nothing in particular:

I believe this Sea Lion was posing for us.Sea Lion on Rock

One last shot at the Salk Institute. I am in love with the architecture of this complex. If you're ever in the San Diego area, it's worth a visit!
Salk Institute

Here's a map to the Salk Institute if you'd like to wanter around taking pictures:

And in case you were wondering, the Canon 5D Mark II is everything I dreamed of and more. I hope I get to use it again soon. (I only ever dream of owning one).

To all my photography friends, let me put in a small plug for Borrowlenses. They've been pretty great, and they've got some of the best prices around. Without them, I'd have never gotten my grimy photog hands on a 5D Mark II!

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