Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wedding Pictures at Balboa Park and the Abbey

I don't have many examples of people and portrait photography on this blog, and I have even fewer examples of wedding photography. After shooting this beautiful wedding at Balboa Park and the Abbey in San Diego, CA, I felt it was high time I put up some wedding pictures. Balboa Park is an amazing location, and I felt fortunate as a photographer to capture these beautiful scenes and share these special moments. For information on booking, please visit my website.

Beautiful Bride and Groom in Organ Pavillion of Balboa Park
The Organ Pavilian at Balboa Park, San Diego, CA
Beautiful Wedding Dress at Sunset, Balboa Park, San Diego, CA
Balboa Park, San Diego, CA
Bride and Groom at the Organ Pavillion in Balboa Park, San Diego

If you are in Los Angeles or San Diego and looking for a wedding photographer, I would love to hear from you. My rates start at $500. If you are outside of Southern California, you can still contact me provided you will pay travel expenses. You can email me at burnerphotography [at] gmail.com.

Bridesmaids Waiting, the Abby, San Diego, CA
Beautiful Bridesmaids at the Abby, San Diego, CA

Bored Bridesmaids Balboa Park, San Diego, CA
The Gardens at Balboa Park, San Diego, CA

Beautiful Bride and Bridesmaids in Gazebo, Balboa Park, San Diego, CA

Photograph of the Wedding Party

Bridesmaids and Flowergirl The Abby
Stained Glass in the Abby

Bride and Groom Kissing

The Flowergirl and the Ringbearer San Diego, CA

Groom Carrying the Bride Over his Sholder, Balboa Park

Bride and Groom in Car

Bride and Groom Cake Fight, The Abby
Cake fight in the Abby, San Diego, CA

Bride and Groom Cake Fight

Bride and Candles in the Abby

If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Southern California, please feel free to contact me at burnerphotography@gmail.com or call 493-9576 area code eight one eight. I'm always happy to chat, and I make it a priority to be available throughout the wedding planning process. So, give me a call! I would be happy to buy you coffee and talk about your dream wedding.


  1. Love this wedding! What an adorable couple. Great colors, great job at capturing the moments that counts! What a beautiful Experience the Festive on Your wedding photographer in San Diego

  2. Wow!! These wedding pictures are just awesome. Bride is looking so beautiful along with gorgeous bridesmaid. My friend will be taking vows at one of NYC venues and I am getting an opportunity to be one of her bridesmaid. Very excited for the day.