Thursday, February 16, 2012

Time lapse of a clearing storm at Giffith Observatory

I'm still relatively new to time lapse photography, but I love watching storm clouds form and move. I had been waiting weeks for weather like this!

The video covers a period of about 2:30 hours during which I was fighting not to freeze to death.

Gear Used for this Video
1. This warm jacket Geese know how to stay warm!
2. A 3rd party Intervalometer I don't know why anyone would spend $140 on a Canon intervalometer!
3. A lightweight Manfrotto tripod
4. My Canon EOS Rebel T2i
5. A 3rd Party Battery Grip Time Lapse photography drains batteries very quickly!
6. A good book!

That's it! Those 6 things and a lot of patience are all you need to make time lapse videos!

Griffith Observatory at Night

Like the video? Here's another of my ventures in time lapse photography:

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